Computer Graphic Books

Digital art in books. A fantastic gift not only for men!

ELEMENTAL 2 - Ballistic Publishing

ELEMENTAL 2 is packed with exciting imagery from Autodesk customers working in the fields of visual effects, animation, game development, architectural and design visualization.

d'artiste: Matte Painting

d'artiste: Matte Painting is the authoritative book dedicated to showcasing and teaching the skills behind the art of Leading Hollywood digital matte painters Alp Altiner, Dylan Cole and Chris Stoski.

d'artiste: Character Modeling

d'artiste: Character Modeling is the definitive 3D character tutorial book showcasing the astonishing work and technical skills of leading artists Pascal Blanché, Francisco A. Cortina and Steven Stahlberg.

EXPOSÉ 3 - Ballistic Publishing

EXPOSÉ 3 is the third edition of the industry's best art book celebrating the creative talents of digital artists worldwide.

CG Challenge XVI - Grand Space Opera

Ballistic Publishing is pleased to announce the next title in its CG Challenge series, Grand Space Opera. Features the artwork and techniques of the winning artists and finalists.

VESAGE - Art of the VES Society

VESAGE showcases the art that the VES members create when they're not at work on visual effects. It offers a unique insight into the personal creativity of the people behind some of the most-recognized imagery in the world.

CG Challenge: Machineflesh

Machineflesh is the first book in the CG Challenge series which features the artwork and techniques of winning artists and finalists in the online CG Challenges organized by and


The first collaborative title in Ballistic Publishing's growing list of digital art books, this book has been created in partnership with Discreet, a division of Autodesk.

The Art of Oddworld Inhabitants - The First Ten Years

The Art of Oddworld Inhabitants is a high quality art book featuring the artistic journey of the legendary game company Oddworld Inhabitants from its first ten years.


EXPOSÉ 2 is the second edition of the industry's most recognized annual art book celebrating the creative talents of digital artists worldwide.

Machine Phase

Machine Phase: Booby Trap is a graphic novel and behind-the-scenes look at Dean Fowler's Machine Phase universe including the 'Making of Machine Phase: Booby Trap'

d'artiste: Digital Painting

Welcome to the first book of our Digital Artists Master Class series. Digital Painting showcases the work and technical skills of: Linda Bergkvist, John Wallin, Philip Straub and Robert Chang.


EXPOSÉ 1 is the first edition of the industry's most recognized annual art book, featuring international artwork from around the world.