TV Series on DVD as a Gift

A complete season on DVD is a good gift - if you have some money left.

Lost - Season 1

Lost is about the people who survived a planecrash and are now stuck on a dangerous island.

The O.C. - The Complete First Two Seasons

This is the box with the first two seasons. You will also find a box with only one season if you need it.

24 - Seasons 1-4

24 hours packed with action, Season 1 to 4.

Stargate SG-1 - Season 8 Boxed Set

This is the latest Season of the Stargate SG1 team on DVD! Stargate SG 1 is one of the most wanted television series.
If you want to spend more money, you could consider buying the Stargate SG1 Seasons 1-7.
Note: There is also a Stargate Movie: Stargate (Ultimate Edition)

Stargate Atlantis - The Complete First Season

Stargate Atlantis is now available on DVD! The complete first season of the fantastic Stargate universe packed into 20 exciting episodes!